Kanna Gaming League

The Kanna Gaming League | Rules

The Kanna Gaming League (KGL) is an amateur gaming league. Season I will be focused around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Teams will compete in bi-monthly contests with the overall goal of securing a place in the Kanna Games II in November. Contests will take place on Saturdays and will be of either two formats:

  • League Play
  • Tournament Play

Kanna Games II

The Kanna Games is the pinnacle of the KGL season. Entry is limited and decided by means of contest throughout the KGL season. Prizes will include but are not limited to, trophies and a cash prize. The cash prize will be increased by the Kanna Krew, and their participating sponsors, every time somebody uses a designated KGL coupon code on participating websites. The trophies will be secured by the KGL. 

Kanna Games II (KG II) gameplay structure and settings have yet to be determined (as of 06/16/20). 8 teams will play in KG II. It will take place in November after the completion of KGL Season I. Exact date TBD.

There will be two ways to gain entry into KG II :

  1. Win one of 3 open entry tournaments
  2. Place as one of the top 5 point earners who did not win a tournament.*


*In the event a top 5 point earning team also wins one (or more) of the 3 tournaments, the next highest-ranked team (or more) will be invited to KG II. Instead of teams 1-5 gaining entry, teams 2-6 would gain entry.



League Structure

The KGL will host a gaming event every other Saturday from 5/30/2020 – 10/25/2020. All regularly scheduled games will be played with 4 people on the field from each team. A team may play with only 3, but if a team has less than two available players, that team will forfeit the round. These events will be in one of two formats:

League play:

    • The top 12 available registered teams with the most point totals will play each week of league play.
    • Games will be best 2 out of 3
    • Each team will pick a map to play each round
    • The chat will pick a map each round
    • The game mode will alternate between Domination, Search & Destroy, and Hardpoint in between matches in random order.
    • 3 brackets of 4 teams will commence at separate times and playout as 3 mini single-elimination tournaments with a “winner” in each bracket.
    • The 3 winners will play each other in a double-elimination round-robin style playoff to determine point positions 1, 2, and 3.
    • Substitutions by players not included on the team’s previously submitted roster will not be allowed.
    • If a team’s roster falls under three persons, the team will be disqualified from the round. 
    • Point Distribution:
      • 1st – 10pts
      • 2nd – 8pts
      • 3rd – 6pts
      • 4th – 6th – 4pts
      •  7th – 12th – 2pts
      • Teams who do not play, do not earn points.
    • Dates:
      • 06/13/2020
      • 06/27/2020
      • 07/11/2020
      • 08/01/2020
      • 08/15/2020
      • 08/29/2020
      • 09/26/2020
      • 10/10/2020
      • 10/25/2020

Tournament Play:

    • Open team/single-player registration by the set deadline for each tournament
    • Double elimination tournament-style gameplay
    • One tournament Game Mode
    • Maps voted on by the Kanna Gaming Community on Discord and Facebook prior to tournament start.
    • Dates:
      • Tournament I – 5/30/2020
      • Tournament II – 7/25/2020
      • Tournament III – 9/12/2020

Team Structure & Organization

Teams will be organized by a single captain.

    • A single person must register as a team as a captain. This person is not only responsible for their team’s roster/management but is also the main point of contact for the team as a whole. The captain must initially register 4 – 6 players.
    • An updated team roster must be submitted by midnight AZ time the Saturday before the game.
      • Must consist of 3 – 6 players.

Gameplay Settings

KGL settings are a hybrid of 2 major game settings:

  • CDL weapons, killstreak and  perc restrictions.
  • Hardcore games settings.